Saturday, 7 April 2012

A Quick Hello

Hi guys!
Sooo, this is my first ever blog post! 
I will be writing and sharing with you my ideas of fashion, what beauty products I like and other random things that I find interesting and hopefully you will too.
Seeing as this was rather spur of the moment, why don't I give you all a bit of background info on me... 

I am a 19 year old girl, based in London but living in Manchester studying Business and Fashion at the University of Manchester. My interest for fashion and beauty was heightened when stumbling upon the 'beauty community' on youtube, and from then on have been obsessed with bloggers and vloggers such as BeautyCrush, Pixiwoo and Thepersianbabe! They have helped to inspire me in terms of the fashion and beauty world!

Studying Art and Drama for A Level have helped developed that creative side of me that I have always had, although I wouldn't say I am your stereotypical artsy fartsy type. I am just an average girl with a fixation for anything pastel, studded or insanely beautiful! 
All in all, I would really like to show that fashion is for everyone, not just Lady Gaga! It does not mean about keeping up with the trends or trying to make a statement... It's about showing your own personality and about being comfortable with who you are just through the medium of fabric!

Anyway, this is the end of my ramblings for now! Go out and be inspired by clothes and interpret fashion how you want to!
Lots of love,
Rebecca Alyson


  1. Your blog is soo cute, please check out mine and follow, looking forward to your other posts

    1. thank you so much! i'm glad you like it :) I have had a look at yours and it's great, so informative I had to follow :) x

    2. Thank you so much, that means alot :) Could u do a blogpost on ur favourite nail polishes and maybe OOTD's. You should do look for less inspired by celebrities and reviews