Friday, 13 April 2012

Hi guys!
So as promised, here is my outfit of the night from my best friend Holly's birthday which was earlier on in the week. It was such a lovely night, with all my closest friends just having a good ol' laugh. 
I chose a simple monochrome number, with a little nod to the scallop trend that was oh so popular last season. The short sleeve blouse I chose was snapped up from a Warehouse sale last year for the fabulous price of £10! On the bottom half I chose a black skater style skirt from Miss Selfridge. I absolutely love this skirt, especially if you're slightly more curvy (ie moi). It 'skates' over your lumps and bumps, nips in your waist and gives you a lovely silhouette - so all in all extremely flattering and I would recommend this to pretty much everyone! And at a fairly reasonable price of £28. Wanting to carry on with the simplistic theme I paired the outfit with my trusty black Aldo wedges, my black leather jacket and... drumroll... the most beautiful lilac clutch from ASOS. It added a little something to my outfit and is so 'on trend' for the spring season.
(Queue awful posing and horrendous quality photos!)
With my beautiful friend Hannah

I hope you all have had a lovely week. I've got another outfit post lined up for you all so expect that in the next couple of days. I'm back to university this weekend - very excited to see my friends although not so much the revision!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Katy Perry for Eylure

Hi guys!
So recently Katy Perry released a collection of fake eyelashes with Eylure. I absolutely love Katy Perry in terms of her eccentric fashion choices as they really shows her personality but doesn't take it too far (a la Lady Gaga). So when I heard about this collection, I was obviously very excited, especially as I have been using Eylure lashes for about a year now. I love the effect fake eyelashes can give - you can go for full on drama to flirty corner lashes to ones that just simply lengthen. They really add so much in so little time! 

There are four different lashes in the collection - 'Sweetie Pie', 'Oh, Honey', 'Cool Kitty' and 'Oh My'. The four pairs are very different in terms of how dense the lashes how, how long and how they are arranged on the band. I popped along to my local Boots and after much deliberation I chose 'Sweetie Pie'. I'm not one for the full on dramatic effect as I like to still look a bit more natural, so these seemed the perfect pair to get. 

I'm really impatient when it comes to trying new purchases out, so as soon as I got home I tried them on. The band is flexible, just like most Eylure lashes, and therefore really comfortable when on. They also come with the Eylure glue, which is a plus as I lost my last tube and it is also my favourite glue! However, I felt that when the lashes were on, they didn't actually add any depth/density/length to my lashes which is the whole point of fake eyelashes! I definitely think that these lashes would be perfect for those with really sparse and short lashes as they are natural but would still add a little something extra! Unfortunately I think that my lashes are a teeny bit too long for these.

All in all, these are comfortable lashes, and definitely live up to the Eylure reputation. They are reasonably priced for a pair of lashes that are endorsed by a superstar as well (£5.95 in the UK). The packaging is cute and girly, much like Katy Perry and even though these lashes aren't particularly for me, I am still very much impressed!

I am going out tonight for my best friend's birthday, so my next post will be a outfit of the night. I got a new pair of glasses as well so will be showcasing them very soon!
Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend,

Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Everyday Makeup

I was getting ready for the day earlier, and thought why don't I document what makeup I seem to be reaching for on a daily basis...
I like the look of a fresh, natural face with a bit more definition on the eye. To start I use one pump of foundation and apply this using my (clean) hands. I have tried using many different brushes with the foundation I am currently using and have decided that using no brush at all works best on my skin. Next, a little bit of bronzer to contour my cheekbones, a dab of a light blusher and voila! That's my skin done! I like to use gel eyeliner to create the illusion of thicker eyelashes (what every girl wants) and a cool toned brown to define my eye shape. I then fill in my brows, apply a couple of strokes of mascara and 10 - 15 minutes later, depending on how distracted I get in the process, and my makeup is done for the day. Nothing too difficult or technical, I am far too lazy for that!
For my everyday makeup I use: Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation, Collection 2000 sheer loose powder, Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzing powder, No7 eyebrow pencil, Topshop powder blush in blush, Natural Collection eyeshadow in Sea Shell, Mac eyeshadow in Brown Down, Maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner in black anddddd finally Mac Plush Lash mascara! 

I hope you have all enjoyed this post. I am thinking of lots of things to post about and getting very excited about all this blogging lark! 

I Feel So Close To You Right Now

Hi guys,
This is my first outfit post (eeeee!). I'm home from uni for Easter, and was only able to bring back a small supply of clothes so I haven't had much inspiration as of late. However, I saw this mint green shirt/blouse in H&M for the mere price of £7.99 and had to snap it up straight away despite my lack of funds - naughty me. I am obsessed with candy and pastel colours so this was right up my street, and I love the structured colour which would look amazing with a dainty pendant necklace poking out from underneath. I tucked the top into my beloved medium wash Leigh jeans from Topshop - I swear they are the perfect skinny jean as they don't lose their shape and are so comfortable due to them being lightweight - and the contrast between the colour of the jeans and the blouse made the whole outfit 'pop' (cliche, i know). 

It was a lovely sunny day, so I paired it with a fisherman knit cardigan (H&M again!), cat eye sunglasses (accessorize) and my jelly shoes (office).
Got to apologise for the bad quality photo, even though it has been Instagramed. I am loving instagram at the moment, and constantly using it on all the photos I take. It makes everything look so much better, I swear!

Anyway, that's it for now!
Rebecca Alyson

A Quick Hello

Hi guys!
Sooo, this is my first ever blog post! 
I will be writing and sharing with you my ideas of fashion, what beauty products I like and other random things that I find interesting and hopefully you will too.
Seeing as this was rather spur of the moment, why don't I give you all a bit of background info on me... 

I am a 19 year old girl, based in London but living in Manchester studying Business and Fashion at the University of Manchester. My interest for fashion and beauty was heightened when stumbling upon the 'beauty community' on youtube, and from then on have been obsessed with bloggers and vloggers such as BeautyCrush, Pixiwoo and Thepersianbabe! They have helped to inspire me in terms of the fashion and beauty world!

Studying Art and Drama for A Level have helped developed that creative side of me that I have always had, although I wouldn't say I am your stereotypical artsy fartsy type. I am just an average girl with a fixation for anything pastel, studded or insanely beautiful! 
All in all, I would really like to show that fashion is for everyone, not just Lady Gaga! It does not mean about keeping up with the trends or trying to make a statement... It's about showing your own personality and about being comfortable with who you are just through the medium of fabric!

Anyway, this is the end of my ramblings for now! Go out and be inspired by clothes and interpret fashion how you want to!
Lots of love,
Rebecca Alyson