Saturday, 7 April 2012

I Feel So Close To You Right Now

Hi guys,
This is my first outfit post (eeeee!). I'm home from uni for Easter, and was only able to bring back a small supply of clothes so I haven't had much inspiration as of late. However, I saw this mint green shirt/blouse in H&M for the mere price of £7.99 and had to snap it up straight away despite my lack of funds - naughty me. I am obsessed with candy and pastel colours so this was right up my street, and I love the structured colour which would look amazing with a dainty pendant necklace poking out from underneath. I tucked the top into my beloved medium wash Leigh jeans from Topshop - I swear they are the perfect skinny jean as they don't lose their shape and are so comfortable due to them being lightweight - and the contrast between the colour of the jeans and the blouse made the whole outfit 'pop' (cliche, i know). 

It was a lovely sunny day, so I paired it with a fisherman knit cardigan (H&M again!), cat eye sunglasses (accessorize) and my jelly shoes (office).
Got to apologise for the bad quality photo, even though it has been Instagramed. I am loving instagram at the moment, and constantly using it on all the photos I take. It makes everything look so much better, I swear!

Anyway, that's it for now!
Rebecca Alyson

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